Holy Amazing Trails Batman!

A few days ago I took my rented dirtbike (from Turtle Mountain Gear here in Shangri-la) and went for a stroll behind my house in the village. Since it was raining navigating through the mud was pretty dicey but the view more than made up for the stress and soiled clothes.

My village is just outside Shangri-la behind the San Na reservoir.  The trail winds around the back of the reservoir then proceeds to go though a beautiful meadow. The wild flowers were amazing.  I couldn’t help but think how fun and picturesque this run must be when the weather is nice.   Since it started down pouring rain I had to turn tail before I saw more of the trail but you can bet it’s going to be offered as one our rides in the future.  That ride on a mountain bike, a picnic and some yak butter tea.  I doesn’t get much better.

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