Houy Xai, Houway Suai, Laos to— Boten, Laos or Borten, Laos -Mohan, China

So you’re coming up from Laos to Kunming? Here is the info.

As you land in Laos from the Thai border at Chiang Khong you will be greeting with guys grabbing your stuff and putting them on dollies to take up the hill for you. You don’t have to take them up on this offer but if you have lots of gear you may like to have them take it up the just about vertical slope. The immigration is just up on the right. Fill out a visa card and an arrival card. Give them a passport photo or you may have to pay an etc. 40 baht. The visa fee is 37 bucks sometimes there is overtime fee (4pm-6pm) or weekend fee of 1 USD. They should be able to process the visa in less than 15 min. If you need they have some exchange places right there but the rate may not be too good. There is also a USD exchange place just before you leave Thailand at the top of the hill. There are two major banks in HX one is open on Sunday just north of center of the town. There is an atm right there if you need kip.. Most people will take Baht if you don’t have any kip.

You will need to take a tuk tuk to the HX bus station if you are going that way. Otherwise there are a ton of people ready to go early negotiate with anyone of the many tour agencies there on the main strip. Garden villa hotel at the corner of the main street and the alley to Laos exit/entry has a nice deal three bed suite for 560 bhat plus 3 breakfasts. Most drivers will take van to the China border for 3000-3500 BAHT or 300-350 a seat in a van with other travelers. The road is nasty. They will stop after 2 hours or so for a brake and you can get some noodles. The trip usually is about 4/1/2 5 hours to China border. They will drop you off in the parking lot opposite the Laos immigration trailer. After you fill out your departure card you may either take the golf cart up to China Immigration or you can walk, its about 800meters. Go through immigration and you have many money changers waiting for you. For a couple kuai you can take a shuttle from immigration to Mohan bus station. If you choose to walk just stay on the right side of side of the road and walk for 10 min. There is no China Construction Bank in Mohan. There is an Agricultural Bank ATM past the station on the right side of the road 300 meters down.

Mohan station is really small. Most frequent departures are to Mengla. You can get a night sleeper bus to Kunming there fro 241 kuai (as of Jan 2011). Sometimes a van will to take you Mengla for the departure to Kunming. If all goes well you will arrive 5:30- 6:30am at the South Bus Station in Kunming. Taxis can take you downtown from there. Beware of the mian bao che hustlers they are aggressive and usually more expensive than a meter taxi. To center of town its about 50kuai.

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