7 guys, a few bananas and monastery

Yesterday was another great outing with 7 gentlemen. We chose to hit some two track and yak track in my village on mountain bikes. The weather cooperated and some were able to get down to t-shirts. Not bad for April. I think I burned my nose for the third time this week. Remember that awesome zinc oxide we caked on our noses back in the day. I’m gonna look for some of that and make my beak look sleek!
Got some great views of the local reservoir, snow mountains and monastery. It’s only going to get better as the spring arrives up here in Shangri-la. We topped off the afternoon with impromptu polar bear swim in the local creek. My favorite quote from a guest during that incident was “ Am I the gerbil who poops when he is nervous?” Thanks guys great times with ya’ll come back soon!

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