Wide World of Cyclists

Well, I can tell winter is behind us! Many more cyclists around town. Yeah! Lately met some road warriors from The Netherlands, Germany, Australia,Czech Rep., and a host of other places I’ve forgotten. Great news is I am starting to see more cyclists come down my road into Shangri-la. I live on the road that goes from Shangri-la to San Ba then onto Tiger Leaping Gorge. The report is the road all the way from Tiger Leaping Gorge is paved. Yes! That means instead of going up 214 into Shangri-la you can take the back way around Haba Mountain. Met some riders from Switzerland and Australia this week that said the ride was amazing. Low traffic and great views. I can’t wait to try it myself.

This morning a guy from Belgium showed me his back rim that was on its way to ruin. I took him to my friend at the Yak Bar and he was able to get a new rim for his run into Sichuan. The Yak Bar folks are friendly and the manager there can help you with small parts and mechanical fixes.

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