What can I do in Shangri-la?

O.K. You want to know what to do in Shangri-la. Here are the top three go to spots.

1. Shika mountain cable cars is my favorite managed place around town. It is pricey at 200 per person but the view at the top on clear day is more than worth it. You can see Meili Snow Mtn. to the North and Yulong Snow Mtn. to the South.  It is usually chilly and windy up there so bring a jacket. If you don’t want to go all the way to the top you can go half way for half price.  There is a valley there where you can see yaks grazing a have yak butter tea with locals.  You can get any taxi in town to take you there a round trip should be about 40-60 kuai.

2.  Potatso National Park.  It’s just 10km down the road from my house on the East side of town.  The gate price is 220.  Please ask for a student price if it applies.   A bus takes you through the park. You can ride the bus the whole route or you can get off at any of the stops and walk about.  And for and extra fee you can take the boat in Bita Lake.  With the flowers in bloom it’s a great time to check out.  A taxi will take you there for about 150-180 roundtrip.

3.  Napa Hai (Napa Lake) Now in the summer time it’s a huge meadow.  If you want to get some great pictures of yak, village life and mountains this is the spot. I take my guest over this way quite often and everyone has come away loving it.  It changes with every season and I never tire of going here.  The village visits are great.  If you really want to come away with the a real “taste” of Tibetan life and food this is a must.  Riding a bike gives you the opportunity to stop and snap villagers in the field, the goofy looking pig or cutest Tibetan kid you ever saw.  We can arrange an unforgettable trip for you.


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