Breath of fresh air

Summer time – if you’ve got a bit of time on your hands and your itching to travel then head up to Shangri-la, China NOW!

It’s an adventure you’ll not forget. Check out the Old Town and buy a few touristy things – what home is complete without a yak tail duster? 🙂

Enjoy the largest, most filling western breakfast in all of China at the Compass Cafe!

Then head out on one of our mountain biking trips! Our personal trails include great scenery, fresh air, and as much fun as you can handle! Half way through we like to bring our guests into a Tibetan home to experience the real culture of Shangri-la. Take a sip of yak butter tea, try some home made yoghurt, and nibble on a few of the local snacks. You’ll know that part of the proceeds from your cycling experience is going directly into the hands of those living in the village.

We offer trips for various biking skill levels so don’t be intimidated – this could be an experience you’ll never forget!

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