It’s raining what are you gonna do in Shangri-la?

Yep it’s rainy season here.  Here some suggestions for when its just to nasty to be outside.

1. Catch a movie at the theater downtown

2. Go to the Long March Museum by the big Prayer Wheel

3. Try Chinese fast food at Dico’s, surf the web and use one cleanest public restrooms in town.

4. Go to Jin Qiao Market on Dong Wang Street (东旺路)There is a huge meat market there, import vendors, loads of locals selling stuff.

5. Have a KTV karaoke experience

6. Have that shower you have been needing. Grab one at most guest houses for 10 RMB or high class it up at a local hotel for the hourly rate @ about 50 kuai.

7. Go to the main monastery in town and try to visit every room that is open to the public entrance fee is 85.

8.  Ride a public bus on a complete loop of the city for 1 kuai.

9. If you’re wet already might as well go to any of the three hot springs outside town toward Potasto National Park.

10.  Get a spa treatment at Banyan Tree or Songstam Retreat.

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