Timberdoodle Trail

Enjoy the quaint property of a local family situated on the outskirts of Shangri-la. Yak tracks, two track and single track define this meandering dirt path. Pristine forest, seasonal flowers and a river line your way through quiet wilderness. (Banyan Tree visit optional) paved 40%

Mountain Water Trail

Cycle through two of the most sacred natural elements in Tibetan culture, mountains and water. A paved and generally flat terrain affords you generous time and energy to photograph beautiful landscape including mountain ranges, cloud reflections, lake views, and tranquil Tibetan villages. This is a very manageable trail for beginners and families. Highly recommended as a refreshing, quiet way to intimately view country life. Paved 90%


Meadowlark Trail

Travel behind Thin Air Adventure’s personal residence in a local village. Hit a dirt road that winds around the back of Shangri-la’s reservoir. View an amazing variety of plant life in season and grazing yaks. Lucky riders will see black necked cranes. Meadows, pasturelands and a few local homes mark this trail. Group will stop at our neighbor’s home for some yak butter tea. Highly recommended for those who want to experience the daily customs of the local Tibetans. Dirt paths 100%


Lotus trail

This trip has something for everyone. Cyclists may stop and take a picture of shepherds herding their flocks of sheep as we share the road. Guests will tackle the modest inclines of this scenic dirt road delivering the group through the center of a rural Tibetan village. This trail culminates at the back entrance of a Buddhist monastery. Either hike or bike up to this operating monastery. View ancient rock piles inscribed with “O padme mani om” demonstrating years of local worship and picturesque prayer flags. Following this, guests may explore more village life on bike or relax at the Banyan Tree 5 Star Resort where you can sip a coffee and take in all the beauty that surrounds you.


*An English and Chinese speaking tour guide will accompany all bike tours.